Spring has sprung here in Australia but in a few days both DMA Principals will be feeling the post-Summer glow of the Northern Hemisphere Autumn. For the first time in 13 years, DMA is closing up shop fully for a holiday.

When you run a small business the pressure is always on to be open and available. But sometimes it’s important to refresh and be, well, unavailable. And our clients also need to know that they get to continue using our design work and building on it, even when we aren’t here.

So as we are winding down to head North we have been buoyed by a picture sent in by one of our great collaborators – Macquarie Primary School. The school has implemented key elements of our award winning design with them – including the introduction of Very Important People (or Vesties as they have become known) to improve the experience of their carpark.

Real design, supported by real implementation, leading to real outcomes.

We are always excited by the range of work we are involved in. At the moment we are working on the introduction of nature play spaces in traditional playgrounds, the user experience for solar residential batteries, understanding what ‘vendor management’ means in an evolving IT landscape and designing a future service delivery workforce of 10,000 people in a large agency. It takes great clients and hard work and we’ll be back ready to continue tackling these big issues on October 17!

Wherever you are we hope you give yourself time to breathe and refresh as well!