We’re back on deck after a solid Christmas / New Years break and getting into the swing of things at DMA with our usual smorgasbord of fascinating projects.

But today we stopped to watch Barack Obama’s farewell speech live because his presence for the past 10 years of our lives has been a reminder about how change and improvements are hard, never achieved alone, and are ultimately worth the effort.

Other people will reflect more fully on the political implications of the President’s speech and his legacy. We just wanted to capture some themes that rang true for us, not as American citizens, but as citizens of the world dedicated to public sector service design:

  • If you can take time to complain about something, you can take time to try and fix it.
  • Always recognise and acknowledge your team – whether it’s the personal (First Lady), partners (VP) or Team (the staff).
  • No matter how awful the actions of a few in the world looks – there are still many many inspiring people doing great work and coming through. Don’t lose the hope in the micro because of the bleakness in the macro.
  • Inclusivity and diversity* are not something to aim for; they’re a non-negotiable standard.
  • Take time to say ‘yes we did’, not only ‘yes we can’.

In short, with effort, yes we all can.


*This wasn’t in our original post but we added after some think-prompting from @coolmum.