After 17 years of delivering outstanding design results for our clients and improving Australian public services, Mel and Justin are announcing today that DMA will cease operating from 31 December 2020.

With almost two decades of design delivery behind us at DMA, and more than two decades as designers – the time is right for each of us to take stock and move into the next phases of our lives.

DMA has proudly maintained its independence as a two-person agency delivering high quality results. This independence and approach requires an unrelenting dedication to being ‘on’ 24/7 and 365 days a year. After 17 of those years, it’s time to take a breath and refresh ourselves.

We leave the design industry extremely proud of our achievements. At a design level we know we know we have improved the lives of people in Australia,  helped shape massive public systems, and been recognised locally and globally as the benchmark of service design practice through multiple service design awards. At a business level we have run an outstandingly successful business, across some of the harshest economic cycles possible.

In our final year, the year that was 2020, we maintained our excellence with strong project work despite the economic conditions and two major Good Design awards. We are definitely going out on top.

Our thanks to all of our clients who trusted us with their business outcomes, and the people who were part of our research and design activities – without them nothing would have been possible.


Justin and Mel