What We Do
We work with you to design new and improved services. We do this by:

  • Taking a service design approach which balances the needs of the user and the organisational outcomes you are seeking.
  • Concentrating on ‘sticky steps’ – discrete design projects that build into real change.
  • Using our technical skills (ethnographically-based research, prototyping, experience/service/ process mapping, service blueprinting, participatory workshops, simulations, sketching and visualisation ) to supplement your expertise to delivery collaborative outcomes.

As well as designing the service itself, we help you understand if your services are working:

  • How you want them to
  • How your potential/current customers want or need them to; and
  • In relation to the total ‘service system’ in which they exist.

This matters because we want to help you consider how to understand and make decisions on:

  • Opportunities for improvement
  • How your strategy drives your efforts
  • How your organisation is structured to deliver the services and experiences you create
  • The impact of all of the above on services, to staff and customer experience, to the way your business works


How We Do It
We work with people (staff, customers, community, change agents) through a scalable service design approach to Clarify, Explore, Synthesise and Define a design that will work.

We don’t believe in templates and cookie cutters, we use what works best to get the right outcome for your need.