What We Do
At DMA we build design partnerships based on shared outcomes. We want public and community services to work just as much as our clients do, because:

  • We are driven by social outcomes.
  • We know that it’s possible to change the system for the better.
  • We love the complexity that public and community sector design brings.

To guide you to the outcomes we are seeking we form relationships with you as our partner that goes beyond just delivering a solution to a problem. We understand your world from your perspective, and then manage the design process to ensure the right people work together to get the best results – whether that’s our staff of designers or someone from our broader network.

We believe you shouldn’t have to worry about the logistics of managing the project, so we do it for you:

  • We work with you to understand your need and structure the best project team possible.
    • Resulting in proposals that are tailored to your need, not our business model.
  • We engage with you early to understand your business, your scope and your budget.
    • With the outcome being strong and meaningful service design intent.
  • We suggest an appropriate team to deliver for you.
    • That could contain anyone from service designers to lawyers and marketers, including ensuring your own staff and stakeholders are part of that team if that’s what is needed.


How We Do It
We do it in a way that has minimal impact on you by:

  • Having a defined Design Manager to lead your project and report on progress.
  • Providing single point access to a range of partners and experts.
  • Supporting and driving collaboration with talented people, including your own, to ensure outstanding results.