On 13 March 2013 the Australian Government Chief Information Officer, Glenn Archer released the Big Data Strategy – Issues Paper for public comment.

Big Data Strategy - Issues Paper

The call for public consultation

Big data presents an opportunity that service designers such as ourselves welcome. It offers a compelling opportunity as an emerging, but to us, one of many potential quantitative inputs to the policy development and service delivery puzzle.

To be able to have detailed information about the operation of large systems is the kind of base research that underpins much of our work.

We feel though that the desire for big data to answer questions around policy and service delivery should be put in its true place as input, and not as a driver. Public sector policy and service design is much more complex than that.

Data doesn’t make decision-making easier – the challenge of all those involved in improving services to citizens is turning data into usable information and that information into meaningful knowledge for outcomes. Even after you’ve done all of that, you need to design services for people, not numbers.

We look forward to the next developments from AGIMO in this space.

Check out our submission: Big Data Issues Paper DMA Feedback_13-04-05