We are really pleased to announce the release of ‘Right Birth, Your Choice’.

It’s a short video on how to have the birth you need and deserve, and how to make the right decisions for you and your baby’s care and it was developed in collaboration with women’s health pioneers the Canberra Mothercraft Society and Safe Motherhood for All.

Why did we think it was important to support CMS and SMfA in developing this video?

• Birthing in Australia is increasingly medical and interventionist and does not consider the autonomy of the woman by providing respectful maternity care.
• Despite increasingly poor outcomes, medical and interventionist birthing is normalised and birthing decisions are based on this incorrect paradigm. There is resistance to a non-medical model.
• As few as 15% of births may actually need medical intervention.

The current dominant experience based on research with mothers:

  • People can have no idea of the hugeness of the experience.
  • Unbiased information about options is not out there in general.
  • “Mums feel up against it (the system)”.
  • People can be traumatised and distressed going into parenting.
  • There is a gap in the system – preparedness is self-navigated, not genuinely supported.

The flow on from this experience

  • Poor birth outcomes can put considerable strain on marital or partner relationships, parent infant bonding and breastfeeding which has flow-on effects for the other children, as poor early relationships in child hood lead to great vulnerability in life.
  • Ongoing stress post-birth due to the medical model can have lasting effects.

So what is the video about?

It’s the genuine reflections from a range of people on what the birthing experience can and should be like. It is clear that no-one birth journey is the same and that ‘experts on tap, not on top’ should be there to guide the mother on the choices SHE wants to make.

The vision of CMS and SMfA for safe birthing for the mother is evidenced based quality care which includes:

  • Continuity of care.
  • Informed decision making.

The vision of CMS and SMfA for the birthing journey is:

  • Information and options are paramount.
    • Creating knowledge of the health system on how to interact with and get the best out of the health system.
    • Increasing the capability of women, their partners and their support network.
  • Creating positive action from the knowledge base is key.
    • Ante-natal actions.
    • Post-natal actions.

Most importantly the video is about highlighting that for the right birth, it’s your (the mother’s) choice.

We hope you enjoy the video and find it informative. Thanks to all of the wonderful volunteer participants for taking part and to our production collaborators Newcast Studios for shooting and delivering the final video.