Recently we were asked by Sharen Scott, one of the dedicated GovCamp organisers,  to present a case study at GovCamp13.

View our presentation as a video (20 min 34 sec)

The GovCamp themes for this year were inspiring innovation, empowering people and liberating capability.

Considering our presentation at Service Design 2012 had contained a slide titled “Innovation Schminnovation” we were a bit worried, but then we took a look at what we would present a case study on and it made perfect sense.

For the past 18 month we’ve been working in partnership with a client – the Australian Taxation Office – on building a program of service design work. And the sponsor of that work, Assistant Commissioner Craig Fox, was keen to discuss the work in the context of it being an innovative approach to his business – complex ICT Infrastructure delivery.

So we interviewed Craig and “Innovation – Two Perspectives” was developed. The two perspectives are ours as service designers and his as a leader in the public sector.

The great thing about this case study is that it’s not in a particularly ‘sexy’ domain for service design. ICT Infrastructure isn’t nurses and midwives, it isn’t vulnerable kids (all areas in which we work), but it’s exactly the kind of deep supporting capability that makes services work – and therefore is completely appropriate as a focus for service design.

Collaborating to innovate in complex ICT

Collaborating to innovate in complex ICT

To give some context for the work, in 2009 a significant organisational shift occurred with an outsourced multi-vendor environment introduced to deliver the different and increasingly complex Infrastructure platforms and services.

‘Infrastructure’ are the foundation services such as networks, centralised computing hardware, end-user technologies, phones and other devices. These are the very things taxpayers, businesses, intermediaries, and the staff who support them, use to understand, comply, and effectively access service delivery.

This multi-vendor infrastructure environment is managed by ATO Service Operations (SO). They came to us seeking a new way to approach infrastructure delivery to ensure it consciously supported the business of the ATO – not just and old ICT view of products from vendors.

The subsequent set of rolling 10 week design projects has seen us collaboratively shape this huge and important business. We couldn’t be happier with the collaboration and the outcomes.

On the day our presentation featured video from Craig’s interview in order to give his full perspective.

Postscript: Our presentation is now available on YouTube.